AtwoB is an artist's group that was formed in 2012 by Lise Haurum, Anne-Liis Kogan, Ellakajsa Nordström and Ami Kohara.


LISE HAURUM is a writer and an artist who lives and works in Aarhus. She primarily works with text, artist’s books, installations and performance. Her main theme is nature - more specifically the oceans.

ANNE-LIIS KOGAN was born in Tartu, Estonia lives and works in Oslo and Stockholm. Within her video works she often stages and/or retells situations that can be experienced as a mix of documentary and scripted scenes.

AMI KOHARA was born in Tokyo and lives and works in Stockholm. In her practice she explores food, scent, sound and mixed media. She also organizes and stages experimental cooking workshops.

ELLAKAJSA NORDSTRÖM lives and works in Stockholm and Oslo. In her sound installations she examines vocality and translation, and she draws references from phenomenology, theatre and opera.